First Payout 1:2 :: 2:1

Per pair =500/- (both side 1 PV)

i) Package 3500/- (1 PV) per day capping 15000/-

i) Package 1800/- (1/2 PV) per day capping 7000/-

You can topup your ID anytime you get done

Note: Every 5th pair will be deduct automatically

Downline Referal Income :

You will receive 4% of the income of worker who is a worker in the first level of his sponsor and whatever income he will earn from the company, now the leader of your first level will be called your second level, you will get 2% of the income of the second level leaders, which is very big income from your team

  • i) 1st Level 4%
  • ii) 12nd Level 2%

Royalty :

Sharing on Company Monthly Turn Over:-

  • If any member joins directly sponser 5 pair (5 PV Both side) under 1 months till joining date he/she will get 5% for 24 months.
  • If any member joins directly sponser 10 pair (10 PV Both side) under 2 months till joining date he/she will get 10% for 24 months.
Rules of the Royalty:-

  • Each royalty winnig leaders must include at least two new candidates in their team in the month, only then they will get the benefit of royalty continuously
  • if there is no new worker involved in your team for three months continously, then you will have to intract with the benefit of royalty. The company will not give you this facility.

Auto Pool CMC

You will be joined autopool when you enter only after completing 10 pair (10PV) both side compulsory.




Total Amount


Net Profit

Level 1 2 X 1000 2000/- 1500 500
Level 2 4 X 1500 6000/- 4000 2000
Level 3 8 X 4000 32000/- 20000 12000
Level 4 16 X 20000 320000/- 200000 120000
Level 5 32 X 200000 6400000/- 1400000 500000
Level 6 64 X 1400000 89600000/- NA 89600000

The Autopool which is fed by the entire unit work of the company, gives you ownership of an incredible income. This income is able to change your lifestyle, your life by doing this income

Field Expenses (Petroling)

The company has made a fund arrangement for you for petrol expenses every month, to get that you have to fulfill a small business target, only then you will be entitled to that fund. For this you have to fulfilled the following business goals in any month within that month.
i) 20 pairs (20 PV both side), on completion Rs.2000/- per month, for three months continously.
ii) 40 pairs(40 PV both side), on completion Rs.5000/- per month, for three months continously
iii) 60 pairs(60 PV both side), on completion Rs.10000/- per month, for three months continously
NB:- All the months next for three month target, the payment will start on the next month, it will be received once a month.

Repurchase Sales Income

You should buy from your company retail stores this make your entitiled to a substantial discount on the items you have purchased, and can also earn a good income each month by advising others to become customers of the company. Here you get a discount of 5% to 50% on every purchase of the company retail profits.You never get it from the open market.

NB:- In each item a business volume is determined by the company based on that you calculate the revenue. As a business volume=Rs.5/ (per BV)


Divided in percent of business volume

Total business volume

1 Bronze 25 100
2 Silver 15 100
3 Pearl 10 100
4 Gold 6 100
5 Platinum 5 100
6 Ruby 5 100
7 Emrald 5 100
8 Diamond 5 100
9 Double Diamond 5 100
10 Star Diamond 5 100
11 Ambessador 5 100
12 Crown Ambessador 5 100
13 Reserve of company 4 100

Repurchase Sales Rewards

Reward is a strong tool for motivation that every essential for growth and success, the reward that one achiever should have and ending effectively that provides shelter but also encourages everyone to put in his or her best.



Business Volume Both side L/R


1 Bronze 500BV Cash Fund (Rs.500)
10000BV Cash Fund (Rs.1000)
25000BV Cash Fund (Rs.2500)
50000BV Cash Fund (Rs.5000)
2 Silver 1 Lac BV Android mobile (Rs.10000)
2 Lac BV Cash fund (Rs.20000)
3 Lac BV Silver Jewellery (Rs.30000)
4 Lac BV Bike Dp (Rs.40000)
3 Pearl 5 Lac BV Led TV (Rs.50000)
10 Lac BV Tour package (Rs.1 Lac)
4 Gold 20 Lac BV Gold Jewellery (Rs.2 Lac)
5 Platinum 30 Lac BV Car Fund (Rs. 3 Lac)
6 Ruby 50 Lac BV Diamond Jewellery (Rs. 5 Lac)
7 Emrald 1 Crore BV Maruti Brezaa (Rs. 10 Lac)
8 Diamond 2 Crore BV Flat (Rs. 20 Lac)
9 Double Diamond 5 Crore BV Plot Fund (Rs. 20 Lac)
10 Star Diamond 10 Crore BV Jaguar (Rs. 1 Crore)
11 Ambassador 20 Crore BV Luxury Bunglow (Rs. 2 Crore)
12 Crown Ambassador 50 crore BV Rs. 5 Crore
100 crore BV Rs. 10 Crore

Franchise Income

For franchise, the company invites all interested candidates who wish to run teir own retail stores with the company. Below is a description of all those stores. A Dp price of each product is determined by the company, accordingly different commission are allocated to each of the reatil stores.
i) 3% for pocket franchisee ii) 5% for franchisee mini iii) 8% for super franchisee

Type of store


Total store price

Cost of goods

Cost of pin

Each Pin Commission

Pocket Store 1 52500 52500 NA NA
2 105000 105000 NA NA
3 210000 175000 10 pin=35000 50
Mini Store 1 315000 650000 20 pin=70000 60
2 650000 545000 30 pin=105000 60
Super Store 1 750000 610000 40 pin=140000 75
2 1050000 840000 60 pin=210000 100

Family Welfare Fund

For this,the company is going to provide special facilities to all the leaders and all the workers in the coming time,for this you will have to be fully dedicated to the company, to speed up the work with a sincere and free spirit,and the company is dedicated to providing complete security to all of you Alointrading Famly.

NB:- whenever you reach this rank in you're leadership, yoy will automatically starte receiving field incentives from the company,,,,,, wich is like this,,



Incentive (Per Month)

1 Double Diamond 25,000
2 Star Diamond 50,000
3 Ambesedor 75,000
4 Crown Ambesedor 1,50,000


Here is the gift that you get through your team based on the evolution of the sales of the goods of the company
It calculated by PV based on your right hand and left hand sales team. Each calculation is taken forward and you have to complete it.



Both side PV count


Value of Product

1 Bronze 100 5000 Android mobile
2 Silver 250 12000 Washing Machine
3 Pearl 500 20000 Mini Laptop
4 Gold 1500 60000 Bike Fund
5 Platinum 2500 100000 Car Fund
6 Ruby 5000 200000 World tour fund
7 Emrald 15000 500000 Pension Fund
8 Diamond 25000 1000000 SUV Car Fund
9 Double Diamond 50000 1500000 Flat
10 Star Diamond 150000 2500000 Jeep Compass Car
11 Ambessador 250000 5000000 BMW
12 Crown Ambessador 500000 10000000 Luxury Bunglow


  • A product base company.
  • Membership free.
  • First payout 1:2::2:1
  • Fully money back guarantee.
  • T.D.S 5% and Admin 10%.
  • Advance recovery 30% of binary income.